Welcome to the Average Daters!

We are so glad you are here! We are just two average people sharing some above average dates and we'd love to help you plan your next date!


In 2019, Collin came home from work one day and said "I know what blog we should start!" He then went on to say we should start a dating blog. You see, it was common for our friends and family members to ask us for date recommendations. Whether it was a new place to eat or a fun activity to do, we were already the go to people!

So we did it! We created The Average Daters and haven't looked back. We go on weekly dates, yes weekly, and share them on our Instagram. On our blog we share daily ways to connect, ideas for how to strengthen your marriage, and lots and lots of dates!

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We have two little girls, Harley (3) and Luna (1) and they keep us very busy. We are starting to share more family dates and activities to do with the kids from a SAHM perspective. Stay tuned for more family related content.


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