Congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon our games landing page! Whether that happened accidentally or on purpose we’ll never know… but we sure hope you stay awhile! Games have played a huge role in our relationships and we both love learning new games and playing old favorites as well. I’ll let you in on a little secret… our very first fight in our marriage was over a card game! I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say we’ve never played that game ever again. We are competitive people and have had to learn how to tone it down when playing together.

Friends and family members are always asking us for game recommendations so we finally decided to share them publicly for everyone to see! We are constantly buying and learning new games and it’s one of our very favorite at home dates as well as a double date.

When we got married, my work gave me a Visa gift card that everyone had pitched in money for. We took that gift card to a game store and bought A LOT of games! Some people may say that was a poor use of money but we thought it was awesome! We wanted to start out our marriage with some new games to play together as well as games to play with other people as we invited new and old friends over. We spent quite a bit of money that day and are still loving many of the games we bought all those years ago.

So take a look at all our different posts below. Remember, this is just our games landing page so you need to click on a picture to read more. All of the games listed on our website have an affiliate link associated with them. This means if you choose to purchase a game off of our recommendation (which we hope you do), we will make a teeny tiny commission off of it with no extra cost to you. We truly appreciate you using our links when you purchase.

Don’t see one of your favorite games on our website? Let us know! We are always searching for new games to try and to share with otheres!

Blog Posts for all the Game Lovers

We will consistently be adding to this category of games posts. If you have any specific recommendations of game round ups you’d like to see, be sure to let us know! We love putting them together.

5 Blog Posts Devoted to Kids Games

We were getting so many questions about kids games that we knew it was time to put everything in one place. Our oldest child is only 3 years old so we having made it in to a lot of these other categories yet. We asked friends, family members, and our Instagram followers to help us build these lists to give you the best options possible for all your kids, no matter what the age. If we are missing a favorite of yours, let us know so we can add it to the list!

Game We Own & Love

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