Card Games for All Group Sizes Date Night

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Game titles with a * in front of the title are games we personally own.

1-7 Player Card Games

*5 Crowns

1-7 players

2 Player Card Games


2 players

2-5 Player Card Games

*Exploding Kittens

2-5 players

*Monopoly Deal

2-5 players

*Sushi Go

2-5 players

2-6 Player Card Games


2-6 players

*Phase 10

2-6 players

Play Nine

2-6 players

*Poo The Card Game

2-6 players


2-6 players

Skull King

2-6 players

2-8 Player Card Games

*Cover Your Assets

2-8 players

Spot It

2-8 players

3+ Player Card Games


3+ players


3-6 players

*Bang! The Bullet!

3-7 players (has cards for 15 and works with that many)

What Do You Meme?

3-20+ players

4+ Player Card Games


4+ players

*Apples to Apples

4-10 players

5+ Player Card Games

The Great Dalmuti

5-10 players

Ultimate Werewolf

5-75 players