Ascendance Gaming Center

Are you ready to step out of this world? Ascendance Gaming takes you wherever you want to go (figuratively of course). Whether it’s riding a roller coaster at an amusement park, painting on the moon, performing open heart surgery, or dancing with lightsabers you won’t be disappointed.

Ascendance Gaming Center offers a variety of activities for small and large groups. With two VR stations and rows of high end gaming computers you can get lost in the virtual world for hours. There is also a weekly Fortnite tournament Tuesday nights.

McCall and I wanted to try virtual reality games but were always turned off by the cost at the mall. Rather than paying $40 for an hour, Ascendance Gaming only charges $25/hr or $49 for 3 hours. Plus by using the promo code THEAVERAGEDATERS you can get half off Sunday-Thursday and $5 off on Fridays and Saturdays (cannot be combined with other offers/coupons).

If 3 hours seems too long to be in the virtual world, don’t you worry, you can save some of your time for another date night. If you come in a group, Ascendance Gaming has a plethora of board games for you to play while you wait your turn or you can just watch your friends make a fool of themselves.

  • Cost per VR Station: $25/hr or $49 for 3 hours
  • Time to plan: Reservations are not required but recommended, especially for weekends. Give yourself 1-2 days in advance to schedule.
  • Days & times available: Sunday thru Thursday 12pm-2am, Friday & Saturday 12pm-4am
  • How many people: perfect for two, good for up to 6 people per station
  • Length of activity: 1hr – 3hr
  • Location: 583 Billinis Road, Suite 5, South Salt Lake 84115
  • Contact: Text 385-419-1062, Facebook & Instagram messenger

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