McCall’s 28th Birthday!

It’s McCall’s 28th Birthday today! She loves her birthday so I wanted to share some of the reasons I love her with her on her birthday and with all of you!

McCall doesn’t like her foods to touch. Sometimes she will only put one type of food on her plate, eat it all and then dish out the rest of her food so they don’t get cross contaminated.

McCall is obsessed with putting on her chapstick. Like every 5 mins or less she has to put it on.

McCall loves playing volleyball and plays in leagues all year long.

McCall is a Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ lover!

McCall is a cut throat killer when it comes to game nights! (especially when playing Secret Hitler)

McCall can’t touch her toes without bending her knees.

McCall loves to change and reorganize where everything goes.

McCall loves to go shopping.

McCall is a therapist for Family Services.

McCall is the BEST MOM!

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