Our Valentine’s Tradition w/ Gift & Date Guide

Valentine’s is coming up quick! How are you feeling about it? Are you ready? Do you even like Valentine’s Day? We are going to let you in on a little secret… We aren't huge Valentine’s people. Yep I said it. I know, I know it seems a little odd since we are a date night page yet we aren’t big on one of the biggest “date nights” of the year. So let me give you a little background as to why we are the way we are.

We first started talking and going on dates over Christmas Break from school in December 2016. About mid January we officially became a couple. So we were still pretty fresh as a couple when Valentine’s rolled around. Both of us had to work that night until 9pm so we decided we weren’t going to do anything for Valentine’s. 

His first surprise showed up at my work where I received an apple pie apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I thought gosh he’s so sweet! And figured that was the extent of our “romantic” Valentine’s as a new couple. 

When I got home from work I got a little surprise. Collin had decorated my room with hearts he’d cut out and written on with the things he really liked about me. He had bought me some perfume (I’d never owned perfume before this and he now buys me 1-2 a year for either Valentine’s, our anniversary, my birthday, or Christmas.). He also had gotten takeout Chinese from my favorite Chinese restaurant, Janbo. Cute right?

Luckily I had decided to buy him something as well or this could have gotten awkward. My gift wasn’t quite as cute but a gift is a gift. His car had recently been broken into and his backpack was stolen (yep, with all his school stuff, laptop, etc.). So I bought him a new backpack and filled it with some yummy candy, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and Martinelli’s sparkling cider. 

So our Valentine’s started late, but it ended up being perfect as we cuddled up and watched a chick flick. That is where the tradition started. 

Each year we get take-out Chinese and cuddle up to watch a chick flick, occasionally getting an apple pie apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. It’s the perfect night for us. We avoid the crowds and enjoy our time home together. There was one year we attempted to go out and it was an epic fail… But that’s a story for another time.

So although we don’t tend to go out, we are very aware that many of you do! We often get asked for Valentine’s date ideas. So this year we have compiled a list for you of many different options from local companies to order yummy treats from, restaurants to eat at, activities to do, etc. We have also acquired discount codes for many of the companies to make it even more special for you (I mean who doesn’t love a discount?!). 

We hope the list we’ve compiled for you gives you some fun ideas to help celebrate and make this Valentine’s Day exactly what you want it to be!

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