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We are coming into the get together season. So many holiday parties with friends and family and if you’re anything like us you will be playing lots and lots of games! That's why we've put together a list of our favorite PARTY GAMES for you to enjoy!

Depending on the size of your group, games can be hard to find. We’ve held our fair share of group game nights over the years and, through trial and error, have found our favorites! We play a handful of games that you can’t necessarily buy when it comes to big group games but here’s our list of physical games you can actually purchase. We normally save these games for a group of 8 of more.

We absolutely live for Secret Hitler! It is our number one big group game and we play it any chance we get. Get ready to lie your heart out to win, and believe me, things can get heated quickly! It’s not uncommon for me to walk away from a night of Secret Hitler with a raspy voice from too much yelling haha. 

Secret Hitler can be played with 5-10 players but we prefer to play it with 8-10 people as we find it way more fun! It’s a similar concept to Mafia, Werewolf, and those types of games but it has a few different twists to it that make it far superior in my opinion! 

Who’s the Dude takes your classic charades to a whole new level. Using a blow up “dude” to act out your card, you will be rolling on the ground from laughter in this fun party game!

We played Who's the Dude at our Halloween Party this year and it quickly became a favorite for everyone present. This is a party game we will play time and time again. Did you see our reel on Instagram playing the game? If you missed it, click here!

Poetry for Neanderthals is "a word game where u must speak good or get hit with stick". Try getting your primitive friends to guess a word while only using words with one syllable to describe it. Use more than a one syllable work and get hit with a club.

This game is HILARIOUS! It was recently introduced to us. The minute I heard about it I knew we needed to get it for our next game night. We've already played it at a couple family gatherings.

I have absolutely loved Cranium since middle school. You only need 4 people to play (2 on each team) but can play with as many people as you’d like. Choosing categories of sculpting with play doh, drawing, and acting out, get your team to guess correctly from a variety of different prompts. 

I’ve only ever played the original Cranium game but they now have Cranium Party Playoff which is made specifically for “full-grown grown-up adult fun”.

Code Names can be played with 4 or more people, as long as 2 people are on each team. Give one word clues to your teammates to cover up specific words on your board before the other team completes theirs. But make sure not to cover up the assassin! 

Make things more fun by getting the different versions of Code Names. We own the Original and Marvel. Our friends own Harry Potter and there is also Disney! And if you are wanting to play with just two people you can always get Code Names Duet.

The Outlaws hunt the Sheriff, the Sheriff hunts the Outlaws, and the Renegade is ready to join one side or the other. In this fast paced card game, everyone's identities remain a secret except for one: the Sheriff!

Each time I tell Collin we are doing a group game night he exclaims "do we have enough people to play Bang!? That's why we own Bang! The Bullet. It has the base game and all 3 expansion packs in it. It's worth it to buy the bullet rather than just the base game or individual expansions in our opinion. This way you get the base game and every single expansion making it possible to play with more people and have more fun!

Also known as Wackee Six, Nertz is a fast paced card game that takes a lot of focus and even more speed. Play solitaire in front of you with your own deck while also playing on everyone else's piles in the center of the table.

Although this game is made to play with up to six players, we have often played it as couples making us able to compete with six couples (12 people!). It's a fun warm up game to liven the mood and get everyone excited for the rest of the evenings games.

The closest we ever get to gambling her in Utah is in a good game of LCR. Roll die to determine what to do with your chips. Hand them left, right, or to the center where they are out of play.

When playing with a large group, we often tell everyone to bring three $1 bills. We use these rather than the chips in the game. The winner takes the entire pot in the center! Play with 10 people and the winner walks away with $30!

Players are assigned secret roles on either the Werewolf (stay alive) or Villager (find the werewolves) team. Can you keep a straight face when lying? How good are you at reading people? This game is all about deception!  

Werewolf is the ultimate party game as it can be played with up to 75 players! Holy smokes right? For ages 13 and up, this is a game you'll be able to play over and over again.

How does this list compare to yours? What big group games am I missing? Leave a comment below and let me know. We are always looking to get new games to add to our parties!

Did you find something you're interested in? Make sure to click the link to make your purchase. As always, if you choose to purchase a game off of our recommendation, we would appreciate you using our link as it is a simple way for us to make a little bit of money with no extra cost to you.

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