Third Annual Couples Olympics

How did the Couples Olympics start?

When we first got married we quickly realized many of our friends had already called dibs on specific holidays. One couple threw a Halloween Party every year, one threw a Christmas Party every year, you get the gist. We knew we wanted to throw a party as well but weren’t quite sure what to do. Our first year married we threw a Cinco De Mayo party and it was a blast! Initially we thought “let’s just throw a random party every year”. But then we came across the couples olympics idea on Pinterest and knew that was the thing for us. We decided to make it a yearly thing and this year was our third year doing it! 

How many couples do we invite?


Well… we invite a crap ton of couples! But obviously a lot of people can’t make it. We normally host the couples Olympics the last week of June but our lives were so busy this year it got put off until the end of August. The first year we had 8 couples, the second year 9 couples, and this year we had 10. 10 might be the maximum number of couples we let compete in the future. It was PERFECT. 

Prep work ahead of time

We send out invites to the couples olympics at least a month in advance and couples have to commit two weeks prior to the Olympics, giving us time to prep everything. We randomly assign each couple a team color. They are encouraged to show up in their assigned color and can go as crazy or simple as they’d like. We also provide each team with a swag bag. These bags include a handful of the same items for every team as well as specialty items for each team. This year our bags included a bandana, head band, arm band, face paint, and a team sticker. Each team then had two specialty items which ranged from wigs, necklaces, gloves, cowbells, tutu’s etc. 

I purchase a lot of the team items off of Amazon as I can get packs with one of every color in it. For the specialty items I’ve usually gotten things from the Dollar Store but they seem to get ruined most years so this year I spent a little bit more money and bought them all from Zurchers. Teams know ahead of time they will be returning everything from their swag bag at the end of the Olympics. We wash everything and reuse a lot of it the following year. I figure I can spend a little bit more money to slowly build up our stash with items that will stay in better shape for a few more years. You can find all our Olympics Amazon purchases in our Amazon Shop


Official Couples Olympics Rules

  • One member from each team will compete in 2 of the individual events. Their spouse will compete in the other 2 individual events.
  • Both team members will compete in the couples events.
  • Olympians will submit which individual events they are participating in upon arrival, not knowing ahead of time the details of the event.
  • The gold medal team of each event will receive 3 pts., silver place 2 pts., bronze place 1 pt. and the remaining teams will receive 0 pts. 
  • In the event of a tie during a single event, Olympians will face off in rock, paper, scissors (best two out of three). 
  • In the event of a tie for total points across all Couples Olympiad events, the name of a team member from each of the winning teams will be drawn from a hat to determine the players in a one round playoff.  The event will also be pulled from a hat. The winners of that event will be crowned the third annual Couples Olympiad Winners and will retain bragging rights for approximately one calendar year. They will house the trophy and will also get to choose an event for next years Olympics.

The Couples Olympics Events

We have changed the events for our couples olympics every year, keeping some the same from the previous year and changing others. This year we created all new events, with none repeating. Teams are not told the events ahead of time, just a category. Here’s what we did this year:

Individual Events

  • Power Lifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Golf
  • Swimming 

Couple Events

  • Track & Field
  • Hackamack Event (the reigning champs from the previous year get to choose an event. It is named after them).
  • Relay Race



While standing on one foot on the bench of a table, players must hold an 8lb weight in each hand straight out from their body. The top of the weight must remain above the players shoulder at all times. If a player puts their other foot down, bends either elbow at any point, or the top of the weight drops below shoulder height they will be out of the challenge. 

5 teams will compete against each other at a time. The top two teams from each heat will advance to the final round. 



Players will attempt to chip a golf ball into 3 targets at varying distances. The closest target is worth 1pt, middle target is worth 5pts and the furthest target is worth 10pt. Players will get 5 attempts to hit the targets. 

1 team will compete at a time.



Players will race from start to finish line by walking on their hands. If at any time a players feet touch the ground, they must stop in that spot and resume standing on their hands before moving forward. Players cannot flip their bodies over to further themselves in the race. Players must resume handstand at the place their hands left the ground when they fell. A 30 second penalty will be implemented when the majority of teams vote against you for cheating. 

5 teams will compete against each other at a time. The top two teams from each heat will advance to the final round.

Yep… this is the event that I tore my meniscus competing in haha



Players must hold their breath under water. If at any time the player comes out of the water, they will be out of the challenge. 

5 teams will compete against each other at a time. The top two teams from each heat will advance to the final round. 



Players will race from start to finish line using the couples challenge walk method sent to them. A 30 second penalty will be implemented if players detach from their partner at any time.  

5 teams will compete against each other at a time. The top two teams from each heat will advance to the final round. 

This was a TikTok trend we saw and knew had to do. It was going to be difficult teaching this on the spot so we sent each team the video ahead of time letting them know the details of one event. Teams could practice if they wanted to.



Starting with a ball between you and your partners mid section, players must move the ball up their bodies until it is being held together by both players mouths. No arms/hands can be used to hold the ball at any time. If this infraction occurs, players must wait 15 seconds before they are able to restart at their midsection. If at any time the ball drops, players cannot pick it up with their hands. They must get creative to get the ball off the ground and back between them.

5 teams will compete against each other at a time. The top two teams from each heat will advance to the final round. 


  • Face the Cookie
    • The contestant must move a total of 2 cookies from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscles. If at any time the cookie falls, the contestant can get a new cookie and begin again. 
  • Shoe Fly Shoe
    • Standing 9ft away (no pun intended) the contestant must skillfully launch a shoe and land it on a table. 
  • Noodling Around
    • Using a single piece of uncooked spaghetti, held in their mouth, the contestant must lift a total of 6 penne pasta. If the spaghetti breaks, the player must begin anew. No hands allowed. ⁣
  • Paper Dragon
    • Swinging their arms in a rapid and continuous windmill motion the player must completely unwind a pair of streamer rolls. If a streamer is torn apart the player may pick it up and continue. 

This will be a timed challenge. 2 teams will compete at a time and their total time to complete the challenge will be calculated. Failure to complete any leg of the relay in under a minute will get 30 seconds added to their total time. If a player does not complete their leg in a minute, the next leg of the relay will immediately start. The following leg will immediately start upon completion of the prior leg. 


Final Info


This year we bought medals that were awarded to gold, silver, and bronze for each event. It was fun to see teams awarded different medals in this process. The overall winner of the olympics was given a trophy which they get to house for a year. They will bring the trophy back next year as well as plan an event for next year. 

I created the scoring poster on Canva and had it printed at Fedex. It saves me a lot of time not creating it on my own but it is pricey, even just for one poster that size. The first year I created my own by hand. 

We asked people to bring their own water and a snack to share. We ended up with fruit, granola bars, and cookies. 

The yellow team was victorious and are currently housing the winning trophy! They get bragging rights for the next year!


Interested in seeing our previous years Olympics?

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