2022 Date Night Bucket List

It’s the beginning of a new year, 2022! If you are like the majority of the population, January brings new goals and resolutions. As we start our year, we love to make a Date Night Bucket List of places we’d like to go, restaurants we’d like to try, and desserts we are dying to taste! A lot of our list is filled with places we’ve never been, but we do throw on some favorites that we want to make sure we hit up again this year. 

Are you interested in making a date bucket list with your spouse? It’s so dang easy! Choose your categories (we do activities, restaurants, and desserts) and get started. You can write the list together, or write them separately and then come together to make one final list. As you do this you will probably come up with even more ideas together. 

Curious to know what’s on our list this year? We will share our top picks in each category below!


Labyrinth South Jordan
  1. Wise Guys
  2. Painting with a Twist
  3. Axe n Smash
  4. Mystique Dining
  5. Cake Creation Studio
  6. Easton Archery
  7. The Homestead Crater
  8. The Grid
  9. Grizzlies Game
  10. Just Add Chocolate
Hands on Art 4 Everyone


  1. Strap Tank
  2. Five Alls
  3. Melting Pot
  4. Roc Taco
  5. The Charleston Draper
  6. Caffe Molise
  7. Nacho Daddy's
  8. Cliff Dining Pub
  9. Carson Kitchen
  10. Montauk


  1. Chubby Baker
  2. Doki Doki
  3. Flake Pie Co
  4. Sweet Rolled Tacos
  5. Brookers Founding Flavors
  6. Fillings & Emulsions
  7. Shirokuma
  8. The Chocolate
  9. The Salty Pineapple
  10. Dough Lady SLC

Non Utah Specific

We also have some goals this year that are not specific to Utah. In 2021, Collin went the entire year without a vacation, not even a weekend trip. He made it up to Bear Lake for less than 24 hours to be with my side of the family and he worked half of the day while he was there. This year we have quite a few goals surrounding travel and vacation and have already put some on the calendar. Here's some of our non Utah specific date goals for 2022:

  • 2 vacations without kids (one with another couple and one just the two of us)
  • Multiple weekend trips to St. George
  • Frequent Adventure Challenge Dates (use code "AVERAGEDATERS" for a discount)
  • Write in our Couples Journal regularly (use code "AVERAGEDATERS" for a discount)

Family Date Bucket List

You can easily do this as a family as well, letting your kids write down things they are wanting to do this year. You can have all your family members write their own lists and then come together to compile a family list!

We usually jot a couple things down we want to do with our kids since they aren’t old enough to write their own down. 

What's on our family bucket list?

  • Scales & Tails
  • Planetarium
  • Camping
  • Hiking in a National Park
  • Lots of hiking around home
  • Trampoline Park
  • Go to the movie theatre
  • Vacation out of the state (taking our kids on an airplane for their first time)
Menchie's Branding

Now it's your turn! Create your date night bucket list with your spouse and/or family and set yourself up for an amazing year of dates! Let us know what's on your list, we might just need to add it to our list!

Happy dating,


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