Collin’s 27th Birthday!

Collin turns 27 today so enjoy 27 fun facts you may or may not know about him!

  1. He’s been growing out his hair since October 2016. It’s longer than mine and so dang curly! He may or may not use more hair product than me. We’ve only straightened it once… about two years ago as pictured below. Anybody want us to try straightening it again?

2. When he eats Doritos, he licks both sides almost completely clean before putting the chip in his mouth. I wish I had picture or video proof but he’s deleted every single one I’ve taken! 

3. Collin is a soccer player and plays in a league throughout most of the year.

4. He’s also a golfer and although he’s not a morning person, he’ll get up at anytime to play golf. 

5. Collin will watch pretty much any teen drama with me such as Riverdale, One Tree Hill, and our personal favorite Gossip Girl.  Although, his favorite TV show is How I Met Your Mother and has watched all 9 seasons countless times.

6. Collin continues to act like a little kid when it comes to presents. Days before his birthday he asks for his presents and at Christmas it sometimes starts weeks before trying to convince me to let us open presents early. And yes, I caved yesterday and he opened all his birthday presents a day early.

7. Collin can play more instruments than I can count, although he’ll say he only “dabbles” in them and does not take much credit for his talent.

8. Collin loves games and is one of the most competitive people you will ever meet. Whether it’s cards, board games, or any type of sport, Collin plays to win.

9. Collin is an amazing dad and absolutely loves playing with our daughter. Harley is obsessed with Collin and it’s already obvious he’s the fun parent!

10. He also is the favorite uncle and our nieces and nephews adore him! 

11. Collin takes a nap in the shower every morning and has an alarm set so that he gets out in time to get to work. He even has a shower pillow he lays on.

12. Collin is the director of leasing and sales for a property management brokerage where he is also a realtor!

13. Collin is a tie snob. His favorite brand is Penguin and he gets one for almost every birthday and Christmas.

14. Similarly, he is almost always given socks for a present as he loves crazy socks! Whether its Marvel, Stranger Things, or different types of food, his socks always have something fun going on.

15. Collin is a Ute through and through and we will have season tickets for hopefully the rest of our lives! We’ve also been on the jumbotron more times than we can count over the past few seasons. And yes, Swoop made an appearance at our wedding.

16. In college, Collin found a house for him and a bunch of guys to live in and it was named “The Brotel”. The Brotel lives on today and currently has 9 guys living in a 5 bedroom house that might be 1800 square feet. They are known for the themed parties they throw.

17. Collin is the 5th of 6 kids, 3 boys and 3 girls.

18. In college Collin was in Infrared, the University of Utah’s acapella group.

19. Collin loves theme parks and the summer we were engaged we had season passes to Lagoon so that we could go all the time.

20. Collin loves boating! Whether it’s wake boarding, surfing, or tubing he is always up for going out on the lake!

21. He also loves snowboarding and he taught me on one of our first dates!

22. Collin can drop it like it’s hot and does it any chance he can get. Of course he made sure to take the opportunity while taking our engagement pictures.

23. Collin loves going all out for Halloween. His favorite since we’ve been married was of course, Star Wars themed.

24. Collin doesn’t love taking pictures. Therefore, they often consist of me super annoyed that he won’t smile while he messes around.

25. Collin served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Paraguay where he became fluent in Spanish.

26. Collin is a very good cook and has worked in a few different restaurants. Life is always better when Collin is the one cooking dinner.

27. Collin is an absolutely amazing husband who loves me more than I sometimes feel I deserve.

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