Fat Cats Bowling

Okay let’s talk about bowling. We know, bowling is one of the most average dates you can go on, and you’ve probably done it a million times. So have we. So let’s talk about how you can spice it up while at the bowling alley.

One of our favorite spots is Fat Cats. In fact, we love it so much we went there on our wedding day! But that’s a story for another time…

Fat Cats offers an awesome summer deal! EVERY DAY until 8pm (all summer until August 30th) you can get the following:

  • 99¢ Game of Bowling
  • 99¢ Shoe Rental
  • 99¢ Game of Glow Golf
  • 99¢ Hour Billiards
  • Tons or Arcade Games Priced $1 or Less!

Now we told you we’d let you know how to spice things up while bowling. Here’s a couple ideas you can try.

Skittles Bowling

Grab a bag of skittles before going to the bowling alley. Before every throw, you randomly choose one skittle from the bag. Each color of skittle represents a different bowling technique. You must use that technique in your next bowl. You are welcome to create your own bowling techniques but here are some of our favorites. 

  • Red: regular bowl
  • Purple: through the legs
  • Yellow: moon walk
  • Green: eyes closed
  • Orange: granny style (two hands)
  • Blue: laying on the ground
  • Other interchangeable techniques: backwards, no fingers in the holes, spin, foot push (don’t kick it), and slow motion. 

Make sure you have the bumpers up so you at least get one pin during your game of Skittles Bowling. 

Predict Your Bowl

Pretend you’re the Babe Ruth of bowling and call your roll before you make it. You can predict whether you will knock down an even or odd number of pins with your roll, or even predict a strike. The prediction doesn’t matter, as long as you can follow through. Rather than looking at the scorecard on the screen, have your own point system. 5 points for exact number of pins, 3 points for odd or even, 10 points for a strike (all correctly called). Feel free to make up your own point system. 

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