Double Dates in Utah

We are all about a fun double date! There are so many unique activities to do around Utah, especially with another couple! We are sharing our favorite double dates in Utah below! All of these double dates are specific to Utah, although some companies do have locations outside of Utah. There are many more options than what we’ve put on this list but these are some of our favorites!

Why go on a double date?

Double dates allow you to have more adult interaction (especially if there is a parent who stays home with the kids). It can be very important for that parent to feel connected to friends. 

Sometimes it’s just more fun to have another couple with you for your date! I find that we end up sharing funny stories about each other and laughing more when we are with other people.

Some activities require more than 2 people to book. Don’t let that hold you back from being able to go! Call some friends and get a double date set up now!  

Double Dates at LABYRINTH

Price: $50-$54 per couple

Time: we recommend a 2 hour pass

# of People: we prefer this as a double date. Some of the rooms require a minimum of 3 people to complete. Although it can be done with 2 people or more than 4, we think 4 people is the sweet spot on this one!

Location: South Jordan & Lindon

The Labyrinth is one of our very favorite double dates. Located in South Jordan Utah, immerse yourself into a new world as you explore 47 mini games designed to test your mind, body, and spirit. Although there are similarities to an escape room, if you do anything wrong, you immediately lose and have to leave the room and start again. Each room tells you the percent of physical ability and mental ability required to complete the room as well as the difficulty level. You could spend hours attempting to complete all the rooms and not even come close. This is a double date we will choose to do over and over again. 


Double dates at HEBER HATCHETS

Price: $30+ per couple

Time: 1 – 2 hours

# of People: we prefer this as a double date and no more than 6 people. Although you could have a large group, we find it a better activity for a small group. 

Location: Provo, Salt Lake City, Logan

Axe throwing has quickly become one of the most popular activities in Utah and more and more places are popping up everywhere. We love Heber Hatchets and the environment they provide! If you head to the Provo location, stop at the Backdoor Burger for dinner which is connected to their building!

Double Dates at BOARD & BRUSH

Price: $140+ per couple

Time: 2+ hours

# of People: 2+ people. We’ve done this just the two of us and we’ve done it with a group! It’s fun to see everyone else’s projects with you!

Location: Draper

This one is definitely a splurge! But keep in mind, not only are you getting the experience of creating your own project, you get to take it home and enjoy it forever! We currently have a welcome sign on our porch that we made and we love it! We also have made a variety of Christmas decorations that we look forward to pulling out each year. Although you can do this with just the two of you, it’s a blast to go with other people you know and see the projects they chose! Definitely look Board & Brush up for your next double date!

Board & Brush


Price: $37

Time: 2 hours

# of People: this is the perfect double date! Although it can be done just the two of you, it’s fun to have another couple with you. 

Location: Lehi, Provo

Fun fact: Just Add Chocolate is the date that officially pushed us to start The Average Daters! We enjoyed our date there so much that we knew we needed to share it with anyone and everyone! It’s a chocolate making workshop where you get to make truffles, chocolate covered treats, etc. with your choice of milk, white, and dark chocolate. They offer a date night special that is perfect for your next double date!

Just Add Chocolate

Double Dates at EASTON ARCHERY

Price: $12-$70 per couple depending on distance, length of time, etc. 

Time: 1+ hour

# of People: 2+

Location: Salt Lake City

We recently went to Easton Archery on a double date and it was AWESOME! We actually booked through Groupon which made it a little bit cheaper. I’d never shot a bow and arrow before, and even though I wasn’t that good at it I had a blast. Definitely add this to your double date wish list!

Easton Archery

Double Dates at WISE GUYS

Price: $50 per couple

Time: 90+ minutes

# of People: 2+

Location: Salt Lake City, Jordan Landing, Ogden

Okay I’m going to be honest… we’ve never been to Wise Guys! It’s been on our bucket list FOREVER! We actually purchased tickets and were ready to go and on the day of, the couple we were going with had to cancel so we decided to reschedule. And… well… we haven’t gotten around to it! We love stand up comedy though and hope to get to Wise Guys soon.

Double Dates at THE MELTING POT

Price: $100 per couple for the 4 course dinner for two

Time: 2.5 – 3 hours

# of People: 2+

Location: Salt Lake City

We went to The Melting Pot this year for our first time and it was a total blast! The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant with a variety of options to choose from. We did the 4 course dinner but you have the option to go in for dessert only. The reason we recommend this as a double date is so that you have other people to converse with. 3 hours at a restaurant just the two of you might start to seem a little long. We enjoyed having another couple with us while we enjoyed the food. We honestly can’t wait to go back to The Melting Pot for another double date. 

The Melting Pot


Price: as little or as much as you choose to spend

Time: 1+ hour

# of People: 2+

Location: Ogden & Salt Lake City with more locations opening soon

Come get your rage out as you throw glass bottles at walls and smash things with large hammers/mallets. Glass costs $0.50/lb so you can chose how many bottles you want to throw. Smashables cost $2/lb. You’re also welcome to bring your own things to smash! Smash It also has a paint splatter room for $25 that we are dying to try. 

Smash It Rage Rooms


Price: $36 per couple (code “AVERAGEDATERS” for 20% off)

Time: 1 hour

# of People: 2+

Location: Murray

This might be the most unique date we’ve ever been on! Okay… maybe that’s an exaggeration but it’s pretty dang unique! It’s an immersive experience where you put on a visor that tracks your movement. The screen is a touch screen that you interact with and your body is the joy stick. Am I totally sucking at explaining this? Yes, yes I am. Just know that it’s super cool and everyone we’ve taken with us has loved it as well! Make sure to use our code for a discount on your next double date. 


Price: $150 – $170 per couple (they often have deals we share on our Instagram story)

Time: 90 minutes

# of People: 2+

Location: West Jordan

Mystique Dining offers a magical experience like no other! Enjoy a 5 course meal in an intimate dining chamber followed by a close up magic show. If you’d like a similar but less expensive option you can go to their sister facility, The Prestige. It’s a 3 course meal and magic show. The magic show is not up close and the dinner theater is much more relaxed and even kid friendly. We’ve been to both and enjoyed both but if we went again, we’d choose Mystique for the up close magic. 

Are you wanting to go on dates but are not able to leave the house, check out our At Home Dates Post with 60+ at home date ideas!

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