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Does an at home date sound boring to you? Would you rather go out but that just doesn’t really happen that often? I get it… it’s not always possible to go OUT on a date. Babysitters are hard to find, dates can be expensive, time is short… the list goes on. They are all valid excuses. But one thing I do know, is a regular date night is crucial for your marriage. Whether it’s in the house or out of the house, it needs to be happening regularly. So don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve got 60+ at home date ideas for you to make sure you’re connecting together regularly for date night and having fun while doing it!

60+ At Home Dates

Make a new recipe/dessert: spend some time in the kitchen trying something new!

Binge your fave show: but make it different! Don’t let this be another night at home watching a show. Get a special treat, put your phones in another room, snuggle under a blanket, you catch my drift?

Newlywed Game: see how well you still know each other!

Pinterest Board Dream House: if you’re like us then you love talking about your dream house! Start making that Pinterest board!

Read a book: we absolutely love reading books together. We prefer to listen to audio books! Our favorite book we’ve ever read together was Molly’s Game.

Paint Night: we’ve done paint nights out of the house and would love to do a paint by numbers at home. Here’s some options for your next paint night at home!

Promptly Journal: we have multiple Promptly Journals but the one perfect for date night is the loom couples journal. Use the code “AVERAGEDATERS” for a discount.

Take out dessert: we have found some of our favorite desserts from trying random take out! The most surprising for us was the Key Lime Pie from California Pizza Kitchen! we discovered this during 2020. Buy games to play digitally. You can play in person with a group or via zoom!

Bucket List: whether it’s a life bucket list, year bucket list, date bucket list, etc. it’s fun to come together and DREAM! Here’s one of our bucket lists!

Dinner & Movie Theme: whether you match the movie to the dinner or the dinner to the movie, the possibilities are endless! We once ate Italian food while watching The Italian Job.

Old School Video Games: pull out those games you used to love as a kid and have some fun!

Cake decorating: whether it’s an at home cake decorating class our you just try to do it on your own, it’s hilarious and fun! Check out when we did it ourselves vs when we did a class.

Game Night: we have so many game options for you to check out! Head to our games page or go specifically to our 2 player games page to take your at home game night to the next level!

Make a date night jar for future date nights: no more “well what do you want to do” conversations! Just choose a date out of the jar! Here’s the list of our date night jar!

Takeout by candlelight: if you can’t go out to a fancy restaurant, make it fancy at home. Light some candles (real or electric), dim the lights, and enjoy a meal together!

Make dinner together: seriously though… get in the kitchen and cook together! WITHOUT KIDS! Take it to a new level with The Adventure Challenge: Dinner Dates. Use the code “AVERAGEDATERS” to save some money!

Build something together: choose a project, buy the supplies, and make it happen. We once make a homemade sprinkler toy for the kids and it was so fun to do together!

Learn a TikTok/Reel: have you ever been scrolling and had the thought “that would be so fun to do with ______”? Do it! Learn the dance! Try the trend!

Chalk Portrait Contest: pull out the sidewalk chalk and draw each other, famous people, family members, whatever you want!

Indoor Camping: set up a tent in the living room, roast marshmallows over a mini candle, watch a movie on a laptop, snuggle up and enjoy the evening.

Create a music video: whether it’s just the two of you rocking out to Shania Twain’s “Party for Two” or you get a group of friends together for something epic, it’s bound to be a good time.

Naked Cereal Party in Bed: yep. You read that correctly. Get a bowl of your favorite cereal, head to your bedroom, take your clothes off, and enjoy a naked cereal party in bed. We will let you decide what you choose to do when the cereal is all gone.

Partner Yoga from YouTube: there are so many options to choose from! Take it seriously or make it your own silly thing!

Make a “mixed-tape”: remember in middle school when you burned a CD for your bf/gf?! You may not burn a CD this time, but you could make some killer playlists on Spotify/Apple Music or whatever you listen on!

Sugar Cookie Portraits: decorate sugar cookies to look like each other, people you know, and famous people!

Finger Painting: I know I know… it sounds childish! But it can actually be a ton of fun! Set a theme and create a masterpiece!

Workout video: push yourselves as you find a different type of workout to do together. There are tons of options on YouTube.

Bake goodies for the neighbors: we did this one pretty frequently in our first couple years of marriage. Everybody likes treats being delivered to them! I know I do!

Backyard Stargazing: there’s nothing like laying outside on a blanket or on the tramp on a warm summers night, snuggling as you look up at the stars! It may not be the best view but it’s still a fun night at home!

Date Subscription Box: there are so many options for date boxes at home! Check out our blog post of our favorite date boxes! You’ll find some discount codes there as well!

Minute to Win it: we absolutely love MTWI games! We used to do a new MTWI game every week and would compete to see who the ultimate winner was!

Homemade Taste Test: come up with your own food item and make multiple versions of it. We once did this with Whoopie Cookies!

Make a time capsule: what would you put in one that represents where you are at as a couple right now?

Relationship/Personality Tests: there are so many different ones out there. Take some and discuss how the results play into your marriage. It’s very insightful!

Watch a documentary: does this sound boring? Because I swear it’s not! There are so many interesting documentaries out there! You can find them on Netflix, Disney+, and plenty of other streaming services.

Make a 3 course meal: are you sick of me telling you to get in the kitchen together? Do it! It really is so fun!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith: have a sexy nerf gun fight!

Picnic in the backyard: whether it’s on the tramp, a blanket on the grass, or sitting on the patio chairs, enjoy a meal outside.

Wii Sports Night: the best way to get a workout in is competing in Wii Sports.

Watch a TED talk: find one on a topic you’re both interested in and enjoy a night of discussion.

Massage Night: we are all about an at home massage. We took a course from Massage Made Simple so our at home massages are a step up from what they used to be. Use the code “AVERAGEDATERS” for a discount.

Movie Marathon: superhero movies, Harry Potter, Twilight… choose something you both love and start your marathon!

Strip Chess: whether it’s strip Chess, strip Battleship, or even strip Candyland… enjoy a game night while taking your clothes off!

YouTube Videos: spend the night showing each other all the funny YouTube videos you love.

“How We Met” sidewalk chalk story: grab the sidewalk chalk and draw how you met, your love story, a favorite memory, the proposal… anything special from your relationship!

Paper Airplane Competition: spend some time looking up different ways to make paper airplanes and then let them fly!

Puzzle: sit down and relax while doing a puzzle together. Turn on some music, listen to a book, watch a show, or just talk! For a discount on Lemonade Pursuit Puzzles, use the code “AVERAGEDATERS”

Redbox & Popcorn: rent a movie you’ve never seen before and pop some popcorn for a movie night at home!

Spa Night: buy the face masks, get the epsom salt, and enjoy pampering each other. We love this date!

Edible Body Paint: have a paint night, but make it sexy!

Create a memory playlist: a playlist with songs that spark memories for each of you. Whether you focus on songs with specific memories of you together, or you both put your favorite memory songs on a playlist together, it’s a playlist to bring joy to both of you as you listen.

Marshmallow gun fight: look up YouTube videos or Pinterest posts to learn how to make your marshmallow guns and then enjoy a gun fight!

Just Dance/DDR: does your partner not like to dance? Maybe they’ll go for Just Dance to appease you! It’s a lot of fun when you get going!

Blindfold Baking: one of you is blindfolded while your partner is guiding your hands to do all the moves. This date comes from The Adventure Challenge Book. Use the code “AVERAGEDATERS” to save some money.

Fondue Night: melted chocolate… I’m there! Invest in a fondue maker and you’ll have endless fondue nights at home!

Popsicle Stick Building: get a large package of popsicle sticks (like a lot). Choose a theme and compete against each other to build something. If you’d rather enjoy the night without competition, choose something to build together. I’m leaning toward attempting the Hogwarts Castle!

Candy Making: homemade taffy, truffles, or whatever tickles your fancy! Find a new candy to try and make.

Plan your dream trip: where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Get it all planned out and then set a goal to make it happen someday!

Comic Strip Love Story: each of you draw 3-6 strips to tell the story of your relationship! Click here to see what ours turned out like!

Karaoke Night: YouTube your favorite Karaoke songs. Take it to the next level with some fun microphones!

Water Fight: fill up the balloons, get the water guns, and enjoy soaking each other!

Charcuterie Night: have some fun creating your own! If you live in Utah like us, check out The Charcuterie Chicks who deliver a charcuterie box straight to your door!

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