Games for Kids Ages 9+

Do you have a 9 year old?! We’ve compiled a list of games for kids ages 9+ that we think you’ll love!

As we hit this age group, we start entering games that a lot of adults enjoy playing as well! I could add a plethora of games on this post but I’ve kept it simple! Below are a handful of games that you may not have considered playing with your kids in the past that you can give a try! For any Grandpa Beck’s Games (Cover Your Kingdom & Antiquity Quest) you can use thE code “AVERAGEDATERS” FOR 15% OFF.

Games for Kids Age 9+

Games for Kids Age 12+

What do you enjoy playing with your older kids? We are still in the toddler game stage in our household and would love to know what you’re playing at your house!

Do you have younger kids? Check out our other kids games posts!

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