Chicken Sandwich Taste Off

The brains behind this date is my friend, Kara! She was determined to find the best chicken sandwich in Utah! We chose 6 different chicken restaurants from Provo to Draper. The plan was to order an original chicken sandwich at each location along with some fries, cut the chicken sandwich in fourths, and give it a taste before heading to the next restaurant! 

The first location we went to was Dirty Bird. We told the employees what we were doing and naturally they were determined to win! They convinced us to get their house special chicken sandwich. We decided to do this which led to us getting a specialty sandwich at each restaurant rather than the original. Although some may say this wasn’t a “true taste test” because we didn’t order the same thing everywhere, we are glad we did it this way. We would have been very sick of original chicken sandwiches by the end. 


The date took way longer than expected so unfortunately we had to cut Slim Chickens out. We had planned for about 3 hours. It took us 4 hours to go to 5 locations due to driving time and wait time. 

At each place we discussed our thoughts as we ate as well as on the drive to the next location! It was fun hearing everyone’s opinions on the food. 

We did end up ordering fries at each restaurant as well. All 4 of us liked the fries at Dirty Bird the best out of the 5 restaurants although we did enjoy the different dipping sauces everywhere.

Wondering what we thought? Here’s the details below for each location!


Location: Provo, UT (they have other locations throughout Utah)

Sandwich: The Dirty Bird - fried chxx sandwich with chili oil, bacon, pimento cheese, house spicy ketchup, Duke’s mayo, pickles

Price: $14.61 (this includes fries)

Thoughts: this sandwich was spectacular! The mixture of all the flavors together was perfect! A few people felt some bites tasted a little rubbery but the flavor made up for it. The bun was soft. The fries were amazing! Their sauce was pretty basic for the most part. The service was incredibly fast and ended up being the fastest out of the whole day. 


Location: Provo, UT (they have multiple locations throughout Utah)

Sandwich: The Classic - three chicken fingers, Cane’s sauce, lettuce, toasted bun

Price: $8.75 (this includes fries)

Thoughts: this was the least expensive meal of the day, but it was also our longest wait time. For “fast food” this did not meet the mark. Their chicken was good and was not over cooked. The chicken wasn’t as flavorful but their Cane’s sauce made up for it. It definitely sets them apart. Their crinkle fries were good but were very heavily salted.

**Unfortunately I didn't take any picture at Raising Cane's. My excuse is that I was so hungry and we were in such a hurry after the long wait that I spaced it. Whoops.


Location: Orem, UT

Sandwich: Krispy Chicken Bacon Ranch - toasted brioche bun, crispy chicken, cabbage tossed in ranch, bacon

Price: $15.14 (this includes fries)

Thoughts: it’s a good think “krispy” is in the name because this was by far the crispiest sandwich we had! The chicken was not quite as flavorful but the cripsyness made it delicious. The bacon with the crispy chicken was great! The curly fries were good but nothing to rave about. The size of the sandwich was very impressive. 


Location: American Fork, UT

Sandwich: The Deluxe - filet with garlic aioli, pickles, lettuce & tomato

Price: $13.50 (this includes fries)

Thoughts: we were very excited for the garlic aioli but none of us were really able to taste it at all. The chicken was good overall but this was a very basic chicken sandwich with not much to set it apart. The fries were good but could have been a lot crispier. 


Location: Draper, UT (they also have a Murray location)

Sandwich: Nashville Po’ Boy - 3 fingers tossed in Nashville hot honey sauce, slaw, pickles on a fresh roll

Price: $10.27 (this includes fries)

Thoughts: unfortunately I couldn’t handle this sandwich and didn’t even finish my fourth due to the heat and flavor. It’s not my cup of tea. But the others said the chicken was juicy and flavorful, the sauce was great, and the bun was soft. The fries were good as well. The sauce is fairly similar to Cane’s sauce. 

We don’t have much negative to say about any of these restaurants. We would probably go back to all of them if presented the opportunity. Our ratings are below and you will see that Dirty Bird takes first place for 3 of us. Wes is lactose intolerant so he tends to not enjoy the cheese which is why it did not take first for him. Super Chix took last for everyone except me and that is only because of the flavor of Mr. Charlie’s. I actually love Mr. Charlie’s and we go there frequently for their chicken tenders so it was very difficult for me to rank it as my last in this taste test. 

The two that seem to have the most similarities taste wise with their chicken and their sauces are Raising Cane’s and Mr. Charlie’s. Although Raising Cane’s is a little bit less expensive, we waited almost 30 minutes for our food whereas Mr. Charlie’s was a 5 minute wait to get our food. 

Kara’s Ranking

  1. Dirty Bird
  2. Kluck’s
  3. Mr. Charlie’s
  4. Raising Cane’s
  5. Super Chix

Wes’ Ranking

  1. Mr. Charlie’s
  2. Raising Cane’s
  3. Dirty Bird
  4. Kluck’s
  5. Super Chix

Collin’s Ranking

  1. Dirty Bird
  2. Mr. Charlie’s
  3. Raising Cane’s
  4. Kluck’s
  5. Super Chix

McCall’s Ranking

  1. Dirty Bird
  2. Kluck’s
  3. Raising Cane’s
  4. Super Chix
  5. Mr. Charlie’s

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