Holiday Gift List for a 2 Year Old Girl

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Man I just wanna spoil the heck out of Harley this year. I have to remind myself her birthday is in January and I need to show some self control right now. Here’s a list of all the things we either recommend or are planning on getting for Harley this year.

The number one played with toy in our house is MagnaTiles. Harley got this set for Christmas last year (which was a great starter set) and honestly started playing with them soon after that. It went from pushing them around, to having us build for her, to now her building all sorts of things on her own. We plan to get this set this year with more colors and shapes so she can continue to build more and more as her imagination grows.

A cute little kitchen has been the top of our list this year for Harley for Christmas. Every time she goes to someone’s house and they have a play kitchen, that’s where she stays for the night. So dang cute!

We are really wanting to get a mini trampoline for Harley! I think she’d love it! 

Comfy comfy pajamas! Both short sleeve and long sleeve jammies.

Our fave kids water bottle is this Camelbak. Get a fun new design and throw it in the stocking.

Water WOW books: we've seen kids using these in church and are excited to add them to our Sunday bag.  

Play-Doh: Harley spends at least an hour a day playing with Play-Doh. She absolutely loves it!

Brain Flakes: Harley's cousins have these and she loves them every time she goes to their house.

Squigz: not sure who enjoys these more, Harley or us. Either way they are a fun toy!

Wooden Wobble Balance Board: there are endless possibilities with this!

Fake Make Up: Harley wants to do her make up with me every morning when I do mine. This gift has been on the Christmas List for MONTHS.

LCD Writing Tablet: another awesome thing to slip in your Sunday bag for church to keep your toddler entertained.

Vtech Desk: we are looking forward to making a corner for Harley where she can get all her creative juices out and this will be in that corner.

Little People Play Set: so much creativity with this toy and the opportunity to add to it.

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