Holiday Gift List for the Woman in Your Life (written w/ a wife in mind but most work for sisters/moms/etc.)

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Seeing as I’m 32 weeks pregnant… I don’t have a ton of suggestions for clothes this year. But I’ll list a couple faves I think every lady needs in her life.

Anything for CRZ has been a hit for me. I have two different types of their pants. My favorite ones are their lightweight joggers. But I also have their stretch lounge sweatpants which are super comfy.  

My favorite shirt I bought off of Amazon this year is this one. Collin loves it on me and it is so dang comfortable. 

Do I dare talk lingerie on here? Yep, I’m gonna do it. Mentionables is my favorite lingerie company. The number one reason is because they provide a model-free shopping experience. This helps eliminate the guilt and shame that comes when you feel your body is supposed to look a "certain way" in lingerie. Their pieces are absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend getting yourself some. 

The best pajamas! Here's the deal... You can find similar ones at Nordstrom but the Target knock offs are so cute and so comfy! Choose between the long sleeve or short sleeve... Either way they are great!


Sundree Accessories is by far my favorite company for all things earrings. They are local to Utah, just started this year, run by 4 female best friends, and live up to all my expectations with every order. Do yourself a favor and order from Sundree

Quay sunglasses. They do BOGO sales frequently so hop on this and split it with a friend. I did this during the summer and it was the best decision I could have made. If you don’t want to spend the money for Quay, here are some knock offs on Amazon that I also own. 

I love me a good beanie, especially this time of year. I prefer either a Carharrt or CC beanie and both are affordable.

Spice up your Apple Watch life with a cute watch band. This one and this one are both on my wishlist this year. 

This phone case is my absolute favorite. Collin actually has the same one just in a different color. It’s slim and looks so nice on and also feels really good. 

I absolutely hate carrying a wallet so this card holder wallet from Thread Wallets has been a game changer. I just have it hooked right on my keys and I’m good to go. 

I have gone through a lot of travel organizers in my day. This is the one I've got my eye on this year.


I have wanted a facial cleansing brush for a long time and see people post about them ALL THE TIME. Amazon has tons of options. Here’s one with a lot of great reviews. 

Let’s talk perfume. Collin gets me perfume every year either for my birthday or Christmas. My very favorite right now is Le Femme. (PS we've never bought perfume off Amazon but that's where it's linked so you can see what we are talking about). If you’re looking for an inexpensive perfume/body spray, Queen Bee from Target is great as well.

Two words: BABE LASH. If you haven't heard of it, Babe Lash is a serum to help your eyelashes grow. A lot of influencers have codes for it. I've used the code "triedandtruemoms" for a discount.

Acne… I mean why hasn’t it gone away? I’m an adult right? Well I have it, and I’m thinking a lot of you do too. These Mighty Patches have worked really well for us and would be an easy stocking stuffer. 

I have the driest skin known to mankind. Seriously, it’s bad. These gel heel socks have helped a ton. I sleep in them and they help keep my heels smooth rather than cracked. 


Those of you who have followed along with us for awhile know how much we love games. Collin gives me at least one game every year for my birthday and Christmas We've created an Amazon Page specifically for our top game picks this year for Christmas. You can also check here on our website with all the other games we recommend. We have two player games, card games, and board games for all group sizes.


2 years ago Collin bought me tickets to Backstreet Boys! I just about died! And the note with the tickets told me the second ticket was for my best friend since he DID NOT want to go! She was just as excited as me. We are all about gifting experiences. Here’s some local ideas if you’re in Utah. 

Hale Centre Theatre. We go at least once a year to a show at Hale Centre Theatre and we are never disappointed.

Desert Star Playhouse. We love Desert Star for their hilarious spoofs on some of our favorites. We saw Spamilton there and just about died of laughter. If you've never been to the Playhouse, you are missing out and definitely should had it to your list.

Broadway @ The Eccles. Yep, this one is pricey. I would definitely put this in the "splurge" category. If your man loves shows though, this gift would earn you some major brownie points!

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