K1 Speed

On your mark, get set, GO-KART!!

So here’s the deal… Go Kart racing is what you did at your friends 8th birthday right? Well it’s time to reintroduce it into your life! We are two of the most competitive people you will ever meet. This is not an exaggeration, just ask our moms. So going to a place where we can compete in a totally fun way is just what we need!

K1 Speed has 100% Electric go-karts. This means faster acceleration and no fumes! These bad boys top out around 45 MPH. You can also host a birthday party or large group events at K1 Speed.

We’ve only gone just the two of us so far but we hope to get a larger group together next time to add a little more competition (let us know if you’re up for a ride). This is mostly because I kick McCall’s butt when it comes to go karts and I really need more of a challenge (sorry McCall but you know it’s true).

So get a date and some friends together and head over to K1 Speed for some good old fashion racing. Oh, and don’t eat a lot before… you’ll be spinning by the end of your race!

  • Cost per couple: $40-$100
  • Time to plan: Walk-in or make a reservation ahead of time
  • Days & times available: Open daily
  • How many people: 2-8 people
  • Length of activity: 60 mins
  • Location: Sandy, Utah

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