Color Me Mine

Growing up in Sandy, I drove past the Draper Color Me Mine at least once a week for years. I always wondered what it was. I remember looking it up in high school and thought it looked like so much fun, but I was skeptical to go as I am not a creative person in the slightest.

About a month ago I started brainstorming date night ideas to take Collin on that would be different from anything we’ve done before. Color Me Mine came to mind and I decided to book it. After having to cancel two different times due to a sick baby and work duties, we finally made it!

I walked in and at first I felt completely overwhelmed. They said “pick your piece”. The walls were lined with items to choose from. Piggy banks in the all sorts of shapes, salt and pepper shakers, plates, bowls, and a ton of animals. How was I supposed to choose? I decided to be practical and go with something I could use. I chose a chips & dip container and Collin chose a serving plate.

Next we got to choose our paint, and let me tell you there are a lot of colors to choose from. The workers showed us the paints, stamps, stencils, different paint brushes, tooth brushes, Q tips, I mean seriously I had no idea what to do! How was a girl who doesn’t even draw a decent stick figure supposed to choose all this stuff?

I’ll be honest, I started regretting my decision for this date night. Luckily, that feeling quickly went away as we started to paint! We had an absolute blast! Although our pieces are pretty simple due to our lack of artistic ability, they don’t look too shabby and we are excited to use them throughout our marriage!

Now that I’ve been I actually want to go back! Collin and I have already discussed going back and having one of us paint a salt shaker and the other paint the pepper shaker for a matching set! I want to do the measuring spoons and cups as well! I mean how cool would it be do design all those things for yourself?

So here’s the run down… You pick your piece and you paint it. Then you leave it there for a week while they glaze it for you. They’ll call you when it’s done and it’s yours to pick up and use forever!

The Salt Lake and Draper locations offer a Date Night special the first and third Friday of the month where the studio fee is half the price ($5 instead of $10). They also offer a deal every Tuesday for half off studio fees.

So whether you are totally artsy fartsy or if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body (like me), Color Me Mine is an awesome place to go on a date night!

  • Cost per couple: $10 per person + the cost of the specific item you choose to paint (wide range of prices)
  • Time to plan: Reservations are recommended (1-2 days in advance)
  • Days & times available: Varies by location
  • How many people: 2-8 people
  • Length of activity: 90 minutes
  • Location: Salt Lake, Draper, Provo

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