Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day crept up on me fast! Did that happen to you as well? It’s less than two weeks away and if you’re like me, you haven’t bought any gifts yet! Don’t fret! I’ve got a list of the gifts your mom actually wants! This Mother’s Day Gift Guide is the perfect compilation of gifts for your mom, your mother in law, your wife, and of course yourself! Let’s be honest, a lot of women tell their husbands exactly what they want for Mother’s Day!

So take a look at the list, find the perfect gift, and don’t stress anymore!

StoryWorth – the sentimental gift your mom wants

We gifted StoryWorth to my mom in 2020 and she absolutely loved it! StoryWorth emails your mom a question once a week about her life. After writing her response, it emails her answer to all the family members who want to receive it. At the end of a year, StoryWorth compiles all of it into a hard copy book and ships it to you. You can add pictures into the book as well making it super personal!

My mom added tons of pictures from her childhood which have been so fun to look at. All of us kids love looking at the book and reading it and the grandkids love seeing all the pictures! This is a book we are going to cherish for years and years to come. This is one of the most sentimental Mother’s Day Gifts you could give!

Promptly Journals – the other sentimental gift your mom wants

Wanting sentimental but don’t think StoryWorth is up your moms alley? Check out Promptly Journals! There are so many options to find the perfect fit for the lucky lady you’re buying for. We have the Loom Connection Journal which is for couples to do together. We also have a Childhood History Journal for each of our children and our newest addition is The Love Story Journal which tells our love story from how we met clear until death. Believe me, there are so many more options and it won’t be difficult for you to find exactly what you are wanting. They currently are on sale! Don’t miss out!

Geometry Towels – the useful gift your mom wants

Does your mom really want flowers this year? I know my mom doesn’t. What she really wants is more Geometry Towels! I’ve gift my mom their hand towels, beach towel, and dish cloths. She’s since bought herself more and has bought them as gifts for many of her friends. I’ve always dreamed of having dish towels for every season/holiday. Is that weird? Well, that dream is becoming a reality and I couldn’t be happier! Geometry towels soak up an insane amount of water. They are soft. They dry quickly. And their prints are so much fun! Use the code “MCCALLH15” to save some money and get yourself the best towels out there!

The Adventure Challenge – the fun gift your mom wants

What does your wife want? She wants to connect with you without having to put in a ton of effort. She wants to go on a date, but not have to plan the date! The Adventure Challenge is a date night scratch off book! Once you scratch the adventure off, there are no take backs! You have to do what it says! You can use the code “AVERAGEDATERS” to save some money! We have three Adventure Challenge Books: Couples Edition, …In Bed, and Dinner Dates. We recommend all three! We started with the Couples Edition first and it’s a great one to start with but all three are fun for different reasons. You can also check out their Family Edition, Friends Edition, and so many more! They truly have something for everyone!

Dinner Crafts – the practical gift your mom wants

You know what your mom wants? A freezer stocked with meals so she can cook less! This makes such a great Mother’s Day gift! Bring your mom to a session and make your meals together. You could even split a set! Use the code “DATERS15” for $15 off your session.

Red Aspen Nails

For at least a year now I’ve only spent a handful of days without Red Aspen nail dashes on my fingernails. I am OBSESSED. It’s a two week manicure for $12-$15. They have the cutest Spring and Summer prints to choose from right now! Tell your husband to get some for you or heck, just get some for yourself! Put “McCall Hopkins” as your rep when you check out!


Does the woman in your life love games? Yep, me too! Check out our games page with tons of games to choose from! If you’re wanting a date night game, check out our 2 player games post!

Coral Reef Swim

It’s been years since I’ve felt truly comfortable and confident in a swimsuit. As of a week ago I’ve found a whole bunch of swimsuits I absolutely adore and they all come from Coral Reef! My favorite top is the Adventurer Top and my favorite bottoms are the Bali Reversible Bottoms and At the Beach Bottoms. Use the code “MCCALL” for 20% until Wednesday, April 27th @ 7pm. After that “MCCALL” will be good for 10% off. Do yourself a favor and order yourself a gift for Mother’s Day!

Some current items on my wishlist & items I’m currently loving

Miscellaneous Wishlist & Favorites

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Target Wishlist & Favorites

Or just surprise her with a girls trip to Disneyland. That should cover all your bases.

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