Nickel Mania

Tired of adulting? Let yourself be a kid for a couple hours by going to Nickel Mania. Although there are tons of arcades out there, Nickel Mania is your classic arcade that has nickel operated games.

I had been wanting to go play arcade games for a while with McCall but she was very reluctant to go. She said it’s loud and there’s sweaty kids running around everywhere. Which is 100% true. But that is why it’s so great. Nickel Mania is a place for everyone to be a kid. Once I finally convinced McCall that we should do it we have never thought twice about going back again and again. We have been saving our tickets and now have 6,255 tickets. Someday we will have enough for the grand prize.

There are types of games for everyone there. I like the more classic games and the shooting games. McCall likes the physically interactive games. We have mastered Down the Clown and can get multiple Jackpots a night there, (reach out if you want to know the secret). McCall’s getting better shooting all the machines and bad guys and button mashing in Capcom vs Marvel.  

  • Cost per couple: $4.50 Entrance (Per couple) + Nickels to play (we recommend at least $5 per person in nickels)
  • Time to plan: Same Day
  • Days & times available: Monday-Thursday 10am-11pm; Friday and Saturday 10am-Midnight
  • How many people: 2-10
  • Length of activity: 1-2 hours
  • Location: Murray, West Jordan, & Springville

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