Our Favorite Melissa & Doug Toys

Some of our very favorite toys come from Melissa & Doug. You've probably seen us share many of them as they are our most played with toys! When I found out they were all on sale on Amazon, I knew I had to compile a list to share with you! Here are some of our favorites below!

  1. Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter: this is in the top 3 played with toys in our house. It gets played with every single day and is the the toy friends want to play with when they come over. This is also my most purchased link of all time! Grab it while it's on sale and give it for Easter, or save it for your child's birthday. This is a fun gift for both boys and girls and would be a great birthday present for a friend! Regularly $54, on sale for $26!
  2. Melissa & Doug Water Wow: my 3 year old is currently playing with these while I'm typing this! I did not plan that! We are taking these books on our flight this weekend. They also come to church with us each Sunday. Even my 1 year old is starting to try using them. The 6 pack bundle is regularly $33 and is currently on sale for $20. The 3 pack is only $12.
  3. Melissa & Doug Floor Puzzle: we do a lot of puzzles in our house and these floor puzzles have been a hit! We own the Underwater Ocean Floor and our neighbors own the Fairy Tale Castle. We just did a puzzle swap so the girls could take a turn with a new puzzle and it's been so fun. I'm thinking about getting another one on this sale. They are all regularly $13 and some are on sale for $8.
  4. Melissa & Doug Sticker Pads Set: these were a hit when I shared them on Instagram! Make faces, create pizza and desserts and let your kids learn how to place stickers into correct spots. The 3 pack is normally $18 and is on sale for $11.
  5. Melissa & Doug Birthday Party Cake: along with our toddlers kitchen toys and ice cream set is this birthday party cake. She often wants to "play birthday" and we make a cake and blow out candles. Regularly $24, on sale for $13.
  6. Melissa & Doug Let's Play House! Dust! Sweep! Mop! - this is our newest M&D addition to the house. Our toddler often grabs her broom when I'm sweeping and wants to help mop when I'm mopping. She loves to help clean! Regularly $36, on sale for $25.
  7. Melissa & Doug Peg Puzzles: these are perfect for 1-2 year olds. We have a handful of them and M&D have so many to choose from.

As I'm linking all these deals for you, I'm finding so many we don't own that I'm considering purchasing on this sale! I'll link some of the top ones I'm thinking about getting for you! I know we will love them because we love all Melissa & Doug toys!

8. Melissa & Doug Sorting Barn Toy: This toy is ADORABLE! It's perfect for animal recognition and to practice animal noises with. I think my 1 year old would be obsessed with it! Regularly $27, on sale for $18.

9. Melissa & Doug Wooden Pizza: I know I know, we already have the ice cream set and birthday cake set, but i'm tempted to add this pizza set to the mix! Regularly $24, on sale for $15.

10. Melissa & Doug Latches Wooden Activity Board: I have multiple friends with this toy and my one year old enjoys playing with it at their houses! Regularly $27, on sale for $17.

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