Stocking Stuffers – Games Edition

Qwixx // Salem // Rook // Bang! The Duel // Grandpa Beck’s Games // Coup // The Crew // Deadwood // 5 Crowns // Spot It // Exploding Kittens // Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza // Sushi Go Party // Tortuga // Catan Traveler // Bristol // Trophies // Monopoly Deal // Love Letter // The Mind

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1. Qwixx: a fast paced dice game with no downtime between turns. The more numbers you cross off, the more points you score.

2. Salem: Accuse your friends of witchcraft using cards, strategy, deceit, and a bit of luck.

3. Rook: a trick playing game played with partners. My husband grew up playing this game and introduced it to me when we got married!

4. Bang! The Duel: Bang! Is one of our all time favorite games so we were stoked when we found out they made a two player version! It’s different than the original but still a lot of fun!

5. Grandpa Beck’s Games: we love all of Grandpa Beck’s Games! All of them would fit into a stocking. You can always use the code “AVERAGEDATERS” for a discount on their website. Our favorites right now are Reign of Dragoness and Skull King.

6. Coup: either lie your way through the game or play completely truthfully. Either way you’ll love this one!

7. The Crew: this game was the number one game purchased off our list last year and has become a fast favorite in our house over the last year! It can be played with only 2 players and is also fun with up to 5

8. Deadwood: It’s 1876 in Deadwood, a town in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The gold rush is on in this lawless town, and only those with the sharpest wit and quickest gun will win the gold. 

9. 5 Crowns: this plays like Phase 10 and other games like that! It’s one of my faves!

10. Spot It: this one is played daily in our house! There are so many different versions for kids and adults. 

11. Exploding Kittens: hilarious in every way shape and form! This one is so much fun to play with kids and also a blast with adults!

12. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza: The most hilarious group game. We play it with kids and we play it with all adults! It’s super small and fits into the tiniest of bags. 

13. Sushi Go Party: pick winning sushi combos better than the other players! You can customize the difficulty level for ages 8+.

14. Tortuga: plunder treasure using cards, strategy, deceit, and a bit of luck. 

15. Catan Traveler: it’s your favorite game in travel version! It also includes 2 player game rules. 

16. Bristol: The dreaded Black Death has descended upon Bristol and you need to escape! To win, be on the first cart out of town while avoiding players who are secretly infected with the plague.

17. Trophies: the judge reads a topic and shows the group a random letter. Win a trophy card by being the first to say a word that matches the topic and letter.

18. Monopoly Deal: a quick and fast paced card game where you get your Monopoly fix without the hours of playtime.

19. Love Letter: I put this in Collin’s stocking last year! This game works for 2-6 players. It’s a quick game of deception and deduction.

20. The Mind: meld minds with your fellow players to play cards in order without talking. Large gestures are not allowed, so players must develop a silent language to communicate.

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