Holiday Party Games

Hey Robot // Secret Hitler // Ultimate Werewolf // Beat That! // Who’s the Dude // Pictionary Air // Speed Charades // LCR // Randomise // Soundiculous // Poetry for Neanderthals // Herd Mentality // 5 Second Rule // Nertz // Utter Nonsense // Minute of Fun Party // Cranium // Think ‘N Sync // Upside Down // Wavelength

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1. Hey Robot: Get your Alexa or Google Home to say the word on the card without saying the word yourself You’ll be rolling with laughter as you play this one!

2. Secret Hitler: A fast-paced game of deception and betrayal. This is one of our all time favorite games!

3. Ultimate Werewolf: Players are assigned secret roles on either the Werewolf (stay alive) or Villager (find the werewolves) team. Up to 30 people can play this “ingeniously simple” and “ridiculously addictive” game!

4. Beat That!: Ever had the satisfaction of throwing a paper ball in the bin from across the room? Well, that feeling is what this game is all about. Bet on your skills with solo challenges, battle royales, buddy ups, and duels.

5. Who’s the Dude: it’s charades, but with a blow up dude! Trust us, it’s hilarious!

6. Pictionary Air: Take turns drawing clues in the air while your teammates guess the images that appear on the screen. The team with the most points wins!

7. Speed Charades: A fun twist on a family favorite. Players compete head-to-head in a race to act out words for their teams to guess. Starting at the same time, the first team to guess 4 of the 5 words on their card wins the round and scores a point. The team with the most points after ten rounds wins!

8. LCR: pass chips left, right, and to the center and see who is the last player standing with chips. We like to switch out chips for dollar bills! 

9. Randomise: choose between drawing, acting or describing to get across what’s on your cards while everyone else tries to guess what you’re doing. Could you draw a dirty butterfly bowling? Yeah, this game gets crazy!

10. Soundiculous: The aim of the game is simple – get the most points by making and guessing ridiculous sounds! Could you get people to guess a trampoline, microwave, or spaceship just by using sounds? 

11. Poetry for Neanderthals: A competitive word-guessing card game where you must speak good or get hit with a no! stick. 

12. Herd Mentality: would you rather have robot arms or robot legs? Don’t know the answer? Try to figure out what everyone else would write! If your answer is in the majority, you win cows.

13. 5 Second Rule: Pick a card, read the seemingly easy topic, then start the timer! now with only 5 seconds to name 3 things that fit the topic, it doesn’t seem so easy!

14. Nertz: play it as teams to have up to 12 players at a time. All players play simultaneously, as fast as they can, no taking turns. Score the most points, empty the Nertz Pile, then call “Nertz!

15. Utter Nonsense: Try to speak like a vampire, robot, etc. while saying funny things! Terrible at accents? Not a problem! The worse your accent, the funnier it’ll be! Make sure not to order the naughty version… unless that’s your thing! Then go for it!

16. Minute of Fun Party: Compete in nearly 237 different 1-minute challenges in 9 different categories with everything you need in one complete package!

17. Cranium: sketch, sculpt, act, and more as you try to get your team to guess what’s on your card!

18. Think ‘N Sync: 3 2 1 sync! meld your minds in this hilarious party game of quick connections. Pick a partner and then, at the same time, shout out an answer to the chosen category. Can you both name a movie princess? an ice cream flavor? how about something orange? your answers may be great, but they only score if they’re identical! so think quickly, think cleverly, but most importantly ‘N sync!

19. Upside Down: Wear the specialized goggles and compete with friends and family to do challenges with your vision flipped upside down.

20. Wavelength: On a spectrum from HOT to COLD, your teammate gives the clue “Coffee”. They’re trying to get you to guess where a target is secretly located under that blue screen.

Looking for more game recommendations? We’ve got plenty of games posts to meet all your needs for kids and adults alike! Head to our games page to find something for you!

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