Summer Dress Round Up

It’s time for a summer dress round up! I’m all about a comfy dress and some good air flow between the legs!

It has been a long time since I’ve bought myself new dresses and it’s been even longer since I’ve bought a skirt. If you would have looked in my closet a year ago you wouldn’t have even seen one skirt. So I knew it was time to refresh my closet and feel good about myself when I put a dress/skirt on!

I ordered A LOT of clothes from Amazon to try on and these are my four favorite dresses/skirts! They are all perfect summer dresses and will easily make their way into fall fashion as well.

If you follow me closely at all on Instagram then you see how much I share about Cents of Style! I own a lot of clothes from them and will continue to for the rest of forever! Anytime you shop at Cents of Style you can use the code “MCCALL” for a discount! Below are the 3 skirts I currently own from them!

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