Joggers Round Up

Who wears real jeans anymore? I know I sure don’t! It’s all about joggers and I’ve got my favorite round up here for you! They come from a variety of places and are all different styles and I’m OBSESSED! You know the drill, my round ups are easy! Just click the picture below of the one you’re eyeing and treat yourself! You deserve it!

ONE: These Amazon Distressed Denim Joggers are what dreams are made of! They are so comfy, so flattering, and are exactly what I need to feel good while wearing “jeans”.

TWO: CRZ is known for their Lululemon “dupes” on Amazon. They are affordable, comfortable, and cute. I’ve had mind for a couple years and they’ve held up great!

THREE: These joggers from Kiava Clothing are very similar to the CRZ joggers although they do seem like a little bit better quality. I just got them but I need to do an exchange as I ordered “tall” and don’t feel I need them as long as they are.

FOUR: THESE ARE WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF! The performance joggers from Vuori are luxury sweatpants that can be dressed up or dressed down. I ordered them in two colors and I want 10 more. They are buttery soft and I mean BUTTER SOFT!

FIVE: comfy, stylish, amazing! These are so dang easy to dress up or casually wear. Vuori is killing it in the joggers department and these Miles Joggers are great!

SIX: The Weekend Jogger from Vuori is something I’d wear when I need to look nicer. They fit me a little tighter than the others so I’d recommend sizing up.

Alrighty, so there you have it! Our top 6 jogger choices for this summer! If you only purchase two, I’d recommend number one and four! I will live in those until the day I die!

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