Utah City Festivals

I grew up going to Draper Days each year. When I was little I was with my family and as I got older I was there with friends. Each year I ended up in my uncle’s backyard for fireworks as his backyard connected to Draper park. Although my uncle no longer lives there, I’ve continued to go each year, meeting up with old friends and family. 

We are so absolutely stoked for this year as the entertainment Saturday night is Human Nature doing their “Jukebox” show. For those of you who don’t know, Human Nature: Jukebox is a show you can see at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Collin and I went when we were in Vegas for our one year anniversary and we loved it! We’ve told so many people about it. My parents went just a few months ago and loved it as well. They are an Australian group who sing Motown as well as mix Pop classics with Doo-Wop, Motown, Soul and more. It is so worth your time to go see them Saturday night at Draper Days from 7pm-10pm. Click here for the full schedule for Draper Days this weekend.

Now we know not everyone can make it to Draper Days this weekend but many Utah cities do festivals throughout the year. Below is a list of different festivals you can go to with a date, friends, family, etc. over the next couple months. Click the one you’re interested for more info on each specific festival. 

Box Elder

Davis County

Salt Lake County

Utah County

Wasatch County


Weber County

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