Amazon Favorites So Far in 2023

Servd // Setting Spray // Primer // Shirt // Phone Stand // Meyer’s Soap // Swiffer Pads // Dish Gloves // Scalp Massager // Lighter // Tanning Drops // Zit Patches // Brown Sugar Softener // Under Eye Masks // Tanning Mousse // Lip Mask // Foundation // Gel Gloves // Witch Hazel Wipes // Hair Remover // Measuring Spoons // Dry Shampoo // Exfoliating Gloves // Relyte // Jewelry Organizer

So I love Amazon okay?? Don’t tell Collin I’ve bought all this stuff this year… jk jk but seriously, I’ve found some awesome Amazon items lately and I just had to share them with you! All of this is linked in my Amazon Shop in the categories they pertain to or you can click the individual links below. 

1 This game is pretty much mine and Collin’s new personality! Did you catch when I Servd Collin with a card that made him do a snow angel in only his underwear?! It was epic! Here’s the reel if you missed it! 

2 This setting spray is all I’ve used for about a year now and I love it! 

3 My makeup definitely wouldn’t stay on even half a day without this primer! It’s a nightmare when I run out!

4 Just obsessed with this shirt. It comes in a few different color combos

5 I’ve been on the lookout for a phone stand that can give me a straight down view for my *SPECTACULAR* cooking videos I’ve been posting lately! Haha this is what I’ve found.

6 Meyer’s soap is really the only soap that doesn’t negatively affect my skin. The plum scent is for sure my fave and I order these in bulk and use them to refill the smaller bottles throughout my house.

7 Swiffer Pads – why do these seem to always be out of stock in stores? I just keep ordering them on Amazon.

8 I only do dishes while wearing these gloves. My skin is dry enough as it is, let’s not add on a bunch of soap and water constantly on my hands when it doesn’t have to be. 

9 Scalp Massager: I just started using this little thing and it feels so good! It helps with my dry skin/flaky scalp and for hair growth!

10 I needed a new lighter and this type of lighter was all over Amazon when I searched for it. I’ll be honest it’s kinda weird… but it just sparks and lights my candles and it gets the job done. Oh, and it’s small and skinny and barely takes up any room in a drawer.

11 Remember when I said I’m missing summer??? It’s been a hot minute since I’ve used tanning drops and it was time to get these again. They are honestly the best! But get the dark. Don’t mess around with any lighter shade.

12 Why am I 31 years old and still dealing with acne? Especially this pregnancy it’s out of control. These zit patches are magical and I’ve used them for years. I buy them constantly.

13 Why has it taken me so long to buy these brown sugar softeners? I’m so sick of opening my brown sugar and it being rock hard. It was time.

14 Anybody else struggling with dark circles under your eyes? These under eye masks are like an energy drink for your eyes. I’ve been using them most mornings and just got some for my bestie who just had a baby.

15 I’ve never been consistent with self tanners but once again… I’m dying for it to be summer and I’m white AF. I pulled out what I had and used it but it was just about gone so I decided to try something new and this is what I got.

16 I’m sure you’ve heard of the LANEIGE lip sleeping mask but if you haven’t tried it, it’s a must. Even Collin uses it a few times a week. Also, it lasts FOREVER. I’ve used the grapefruit flavor and now the berry one. They are both so good!

17 I just keep trying more and more foundations… I’ve been using this one for a few weeks now and I think it’s a keeper!

18 Remember my dry dry skin I keep talking about? I sleep in these gloves a few times a week. If I didn’t I would have bandaids all over my fingers all day every day from open cuts. 

19 I first was sent these Witch Hazel Wipes in my Bump Box. I fell in love, went through the whole pack, and have now bought my own. I use them after I take my makeup off at night and it clears the last bit that seems to not want to come off. I’ve noticed a big difference with my acne since I’ve started using them as well.

20 This little hair remover is a GAME CHANGER. I’ve been using the Tinkle Razors for a few years and they definitely work. But this little gadget is absolutely amazing. Trust me, you want one.

21 Welcome to my thirties… where the most exciting thing in my life is these magnetized measuring spoons

22 The only dry shampoo I’ll ever use. I’ve tried my fair share but this one takes the cake! And it smells good which is the cherry on top. 

23 Are you sick of me talking about my dry skin yet? It’s been a long time since I’ve used these exfoliating gloves in the shower so it was time to get more. They are helping so much. 

24 Relyte in Pina Colada… drinking my electrolytes and trying to get more energy haha

25 My jewelry organization definitely needed an upgrade and this did the trick! I already owned this one so now I’ve got both and all my jewelry needs are met!

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