January Challenge: 10 Minutes a Day

Ten minutes a day. In the year 2023 I’d like to issue you a monthly challenge. These challenges are meant to help strengthen your relationships. Relationships with your spouse, with your kids, with friends, with everyone. They will take effort and intentionality. If you want to strengthen the relationships in your life you’ve got to prioritize those relationships. So are you ready for your first challenge?

January Monthly Challenge – 10 Minutes a Day

This month I would like to challenge you to dedicate ten minutes a day to uninterrupted discussion with your spouse. 

Research shows the majority of couples spend less than 30 minutes of quality time together a day and three in 10 feel their relationship is suffering due to the lack of ‘couple time’. Can you believe that?

Another study shows that by investing just ten minutes a day to focus on each other and do simple exercises, couples can enhance their marriages in ways they will benefit from for a lifetime!

For the past 5 years Collin and I have made this a priority in our marriage and I can honestly say it has made a world of difference. When we heard the research we were blown away that couples aren’t connecting daily, even for ten minutes. 

So start today! Set ten minutes aside to connect with your spouse. Silence your phones. Do it when the kids won’t interrupt you. 

If you really want to do this, you have to be intentional with it. Set an alarm to do it at the same time every day. Make it a priority and take control of your marriage. You’ve got this!

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