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For the first time in years I am feeling confident in a swimsuit and it’s all because of Coral Reef Swim. I ordered a swimsuit on my own and loved it so much that I reached out to them for a discount code! Anytime you order from Coral Reef Swim, use the code “MCCALL” for a discount. I own multiple styles and prints. When I initially shared about Coral Reef Swim on Instagram I shared what I thought were my favorite styles. After wearing them for the last 6 weeks doing a variety activities: pool with the kids, waterslides, boating, surfing, wakeboarding, etc. I have changed my mind on my favorites! Below I’m sharing my thoughts on all the different Coral Reef Swim styles I have in both tops and bottoms. I am 5’9″ and weigh 200lbs. I wear a size large in the majority of the tops but have a medium in two of the styles. All of the bottoms I wear are size XL.

Tops from Coral Reef Swim

Destination Top

The Destination Top is the most flattering top on me from Coral Reef Swim. I’ve been told this by many people and I’d have to agree. I love the double strap style and the back is adorable as well. Let me just say it’s given me some amazing tan lines so far this summer! The fabric is different than any other fabric on the tops I own. I’m not sure how to describe it! Let’s just say it is really soft and doesn’t totally feel like swimsuit material.

Hello Bombshell Top

Okay okay okay the Hello Bombshell Top might be my favorite top I own! I love that it covers my chest and upper back completely so that if I have a sunburn (like I did today) I can still look cute while staying covered! The zipper up the back is so stylish as well. This is a top that I highly recommend from Coral Reef Swim.

Adventurer Top

The Adventurer Top was the first top I bought from Coral Reef Swim and I’m still in love with it! The chest coverage is phenomenal and I feel like I can do anything in it without worrying about a nip slip ya know? The thick straps make it super comfortable and it stays on perfectly. I own two of these from Coral Reef Swim and honestly would buy another one!

Traveler Top

The Traveler Top is made of a really fun material. It’s got texture to it which makes it super flattering, even when wet. It doesn’t seem to totally suction to my body when it’s wet if you know what I mean. The front little tie is a fun addition to make it not seem too plain. It’s comfortable, has thick straps, and is flattering on anyone.

Beach Babe Top

The Beach Babe Top comes in 4 colors and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want it in all 4. It has matching bottoms (Riptide, review below) in the 4 colors as well that are so flattering. It has four buttons down the front that are there for decoration, not use. The different color blocks on it make it fun to look at. I have received so many compliments in this swimsuit from Coral Reef Swim and this is my moms favorite on me.

The Laguna Top

I didn’t know how I’d feel about a one shoulder strap swimsuit but the Laguna Top is FUN! I initially ordered this suit in a large but exchanged it for a medium. With the large I was a little worried that once I got wet the suit would loosen a little bit and I’d be readjusting it nonstop to make sure I don’t give anyone a show. The medium is pretty tight and does loosen a little bit when wet but I think I would have been fine with a large. Either way, I still love this top and the fun design with only one shoulder.

Bayside Top

The Bayside Top is my most recent addition to my Coral Reef Swim collection. It’s kind of a peplum style which sometimes I worry will make me look larger than I am but I’ve got to say that this suit is cute. I was pleasantly surprised with how it fit me. The straps tie and are adjustable. You could even untie them if you are laying out and don’t want any lines. The design on the material with smocking and ruffles make this top super fun and flattering.

Centara Top

I accidentally ordered the Centara Top in a medium and didn’t want to worry about exchanging it so I kept it. It’s a little tight to get on but once it’s on, it actually fits me pretty well. I do however think the large would be the more appropriate size for me. The back of the Centara Top is really fun with a cute tie. I like the skinny straps for less of a tan line.

3 Favorite Tops from Coral Reef Swim

Out of the eight different styles of tops I own, I’ve narrowed it down to my top 3 favorites for you. This was tricky and I honestly should have done a top 4 but who does that? The 3 tops I would buy again and again from Coral Reef Swim are the Hello Bombshell Top, Destination Top, and the Adventurer Top.

Bottoms from Coral Reef Swim

All of the bottoms I own from Coral Reef Swim are size XL. They are also all Ultra High Rise bottoms which I love because it gives me all the tummy coverage I need. Coral Reef Swim also has High Rise options. I haven’t tried any of those styles as I prefer the Ultra High Rise.

Sun Baked Bottoms

The Sun Baked Bottoms are so much fun! I will buy these again and again from Coral Reef Swim. They are Ultra High Rise and cover all the things I want to cover. They have a seem that fits directly around my butt cheeks and it actually stays in place no matter what I’m doing. The thing I love most about the Sun Baked Bottoms that make them different than the others is the ruffles. They are so flattering and make every body type look good.

At the Beach Bottoms

The At the Beach Bottoms are very similar to the Sun Baked Bottoms but without the ruffles. I have received so many compliments when I’ve worn these out and about. They are also Ultra High Rise and have a seam that fits directly around my butt cheeks. They have stayed in place on water slides, while I’m surfing and wakeboarding, and while bending over a million times at the pool with the kids. I 100% recommend these bottoms from Coral Reef Swim.

Bali Reversible Bottoms

The Bali Reversible Bottoms were the first bottoms I bought from Coral Reef Swim. They are incredibly comfortable, stretchy, and giving and I thought they’d be my favorite no matter what. I especially loved the reversible aspect of them which gave me two bottoms in one. After wearing them multiple times I have decided I like some of the other bottoms more. Why? Because they are so stretchy and giving, they don’t tend to stay around my butt as well. They ride up which is a little inconvenient when I’m running around with kids at the pool. Also, because they are reversible, I tend to notice the opposite side of the bottom sticks out a little bit and shows. Overall though, these bottoms are incredibly comfortable and stretchy and fit a variety of body types.

Riptide Bottoms

I bought the Riptide Bottoms from Coral Reef Swim because they were a match for a top I was buying (Beach Babe). They only have 4 colors that match specifically with the Beach Babe top. Once again, it has a seam that actually keeps them out of my butt crack during the day. The 4 prints are completely adorable and have amazing colors on them. It was hard for me to decide which color to get because of how cute they are! I’d for sure recommend the Riptide Bottom and Beach Babe Top to anyone shopping at Coral Reef Swim.

Favorite Bottoms from Coral Reef Swim

I will forever and always continue to buy the Sun Baked Bottoms and the At the Beach Bottoms from Coral Reef Swim. They are flattering, they stay in place, and they are comfortable.

Coral Reef Swim Conclusion

I sure hope this round up helps you! Remember to use the code “MCCALL” for a discount when shopping at Coral Reef Swim! I probably won’t be buying more styles this year but next year I’ll buy some more styles and add to this post! Feel free to comment any questions you have either on this post, via email ([email protected]), or a DM on Instagram (@theaveragedaters). Please remember to show love to yourself. It’s been years since i’ve liked myself in a swimsuit. After finding Coral Reef Swim I bought A LOT of suits because of how good they made me feel. Don’t sit on the sidelines all summer. Put on the swimsuit, play with the kids, go out with your friends, and love yourself.



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