Gift Guide for Girls – Luna’s List

Animal Magnatiles // Ride Along Scooter // Poke a Dot Book // Rain Boots // Ball Pit // Pajamas // Play Doh // Swageez // Squigz // Sit n’ Spin // Rocking Horse // Activity Desk // Mr. Potato Head // Pom Pom Pictures

1. Animal Magnatiles: we are obsessed with Magnatiles in our house and this animal set is exactly what my 2 year old needs. She will be obsessed!

2. Step2 Ride Along Scooter: help your toddler build independence and balance as they cruise around on their scooter. 

3. Poke a Dot Book: we have a few of these in our house and if you don’t have one, now is the time. My 2 year old is obsessed with these books!

4. Rain Boots: OBSESSED doesn’t even begin to cover our feelings about these rain boots! Harley has had Modern Piggy rain boots before and she’s going to die when she sees I got her a new pair. I got the same pair for Luna this year as well. “MCCALL” gets you 10% off anything from Modern Piggy.

5. Ball Pit: what kid doesn’t love a ball pit? Our kids love when we pull ours out. We don’t keep it out all the time and they think it’s the coolest thing when we bring it out to play with.

6. Our all time favorite pajamas! We have them in long sleeve, short sleeve, and for every holiday and season! I recommend sizing up.

7. Play Doh: we are a play doh family! I know it scares some people because of the mess, but it doesn’t have to be scary! We found a new play doh company that we bought some play doh from at Swiss Days this year. If you want to go the regular play doh route though, here’s a good starter kit on Amazon. If you’re worried about the mess, I recommend these silicone craft mats! They make for easy clean up!

8. Swageez: we have been Swageez fans for quite a few years now! These low crotch hanging sweatpants are the absolute cutest thing on my toddlers and I can’t wait for the girls to open them on Christmas!

9. Squigz: the absolute best toy for home, the car, an airplane, anywhere! These are fun for all ages. My 2 year old is obsessed and my 10 year old nephews were just at the house last week playing with them. 

10. Sit ‘n Spin: umm okay, did you grow up with one of these? My grandma had one at her house when I was a kid and I loved playing on it! If your 2 year old is as wild as mine, they’ll love this!

11. Rocking Horse: my mom has a rocking horse at her house and all the grandkids are obsessed with it. I keep saying I’m going to get one and this year might be the year. It’s every 2 year olds dream! I love this one from Target and this one from Amazon.

12. V Tech Touch & Learn Activity Desk: we got one of these for our oldest when she was turning 2. She’s now 4 and still plays with it sometimes. It’s also a go to when friends come over. My 2 year old is now loving it!

13. Mr. Potato Head: my mom bought this guy a few years ago and it’s been a grandkid favorite ever since! I’ve seen a lot of Mr. Potato Head toys but I think this one is the very best! I’ve only ever found it at Kohls.

14. Pom Pom Pictures: help your little one learn colors and dexterity as they match the pom poms to their correct spot. You can leave them put together and hang them up or take them apart for use over and over again like we do. We have this one but I’ve got my eye on this and this.

See our Melissa & Doug gift guide for all our favorite picks from them. They are so good they deserved their own post! We plan to buy gifts for both our girls from our M&D guide! You can also check out Harley’s Gift Guide for a little bit older girl gifts.


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