Gift Guide for Girls – Harley’s List

Doll // Pretty Pretty Princess // Toniebox // Swageez // Rain boots // Calico Critters // Ice Cream Trolley // Camera // Magnatiles // Vespa // Sensory Table // Kitchen // Tea Set // Brain Flakes // Yoto Mini // Pajamas // Paint by Sticker // Dress Ups // Lite Brite // Spot It // LCD Tablet // Wallpaper/Bedding 

1. Our Generation Doll: did you grow up with American Girl Dolls? I for sure did! And although it was great, it was pretty pricey. Our Generation Dolls are a Target brand. It’s number one on Harley’s gift guide this year. She’s been asking for one for about 6 months now and I can’t wait for her to open it Christmas morning!

2. Pretty Pretty Princess: one of our most played games in our house right now. I grew up with Pretty Pretty Princess. You can still buy the original version but they’ve also got a Disney Princess edition and a Unicorn Edition. We own the original. 

3. Toniebox: my best friend got this for her girls last year and has raved about it ever since. It’s an audio player where you place figurines on the top and it tells you stories! There are so many figurines to choose from and it’s super kid user friendly! 

4. Swageez: we have been Swageez fans for quite a few years now! These low crotch hanging sweatpants are the absolute cutest thing on my toddlers and I can’t wait for the girls to open them on Christmas!

5. Rain Boots: OBSESSED doesn’t even begin to cover our feelings about these rain boots! Harley has had Modern Piggy rain boots before and she’s going to die when she sees I got her a new pair. I got the same pair for Luna this year as well. “MCCALL” gets you 10% off anything from Modern Piggy.

6. Calico Critters: I cannot wait for my girls to open this on Christmas! It has so many amazing reviews and I know a lot of people with Calico Critters. We bought this house and a few packs of the little critters to go with it.

7. Ice Cream Trolley: we are obsessed with all the ice cream toys and this is the jackpot! Now I know what you’re thinking… McCall, your fave ice cream toy isn’t on the list. Don’t you worry, it’s on my Melissa & Doug gift guide!

8. Instant Print Camera: we gave Harley something similar for Christmas last year and she’s loved it all year. Her’s didn’t print though so this one is definitely the upgrade you want!

9. Magnatiles: when we had our first child, my SIL told me to buy a set of magnatiles for Christmas that year and to plan on buying a set for either Christmas or a birthday every year for the rest of forever. She wasn’t wrong. We have bought one set a year every year and we will continue to do this forever. 

10. Vespa: could you just die? I think Harley would if she opened this on Christmas!

11. Ikea Sensory Table: these things sell out fast and I swear are rarely in stock. If you see them in stock, don’t hesitate, just buy! Kids absolutely love sensory bins and this table makes it super accessible. You can also check out Creative Learning Co for all their sensory table inserts. 

12. Kitchen: the gift that keeps on giving. No matter which kitchen you buy, it’s for sure going to be a household favorite! Our almost 4 year old has her kitchen in her room with a variety of Melissa & Doug food favorites to go with it. It gets played with daily and is a favorite when friends come over.

13. Tea Set: one of our toddlers friends recently got a tea set and Harley can’t get over it! She keeps wanting to have tea parties. This set is cute and inexpensive and is sure to be a playroom favorite.

14. Brain Flakes: my nephews absolutely love brain flakes and have been playing with them for years. There is so much room for imagination and open ended play. 

15. Yoto Mini: these are so dang cool! It’s like a modern day walkman! Choose from tons of cards for your child to listen to music and audio books.

16. Pajamas: our all time very favorite jammies for our girls! I’ll be honest thought, I bought some of these Target jammies this month and I’m also obsessed! I bought 4 pairs for Harley!

17. Paint By Sticker: these are a church bag staple in our house. We started Harley with these books and have now transitioned her to these ones. They are so fun!

18. Dress Ups: we’ve officially reached the age of dress ups. Our daughters are obsessed with dress ups. The gym daycare has some and they are always in a full blown outfit when I pick them up. I can’t wait to give them some dress ups for Christmas this year. I’m looking at Little Adventures because they are comfy, washable, and lifetime guaranteed. Here’s a cute pack from Amazon as well. 

19. Lite Brite: my grandma had a lite brite that I always played with at her house when I was a kid. It’s such a fun toy and perfect for toddlers. It teaches hand eye coordination and lots of imagination!

20. Spot It: we play Spot It every single day in our house. We have a couple different versions. Spot It is perfect to keep in the diaper bag to pull out at a restaurant when waiting for food or to play for a few minutes before bedtime. 

21. LCD Writing Tablet: another church bag staple for us. Harley loves coloring on her LCD writing tablet. I prefer the 10 inch so it’s a little bigger to color on.

22. Bedding & Wallpaper: okay so your kid might not fully understand when they open it what they are getting, but imagine redecorating their room with some cute new bedding and wallpaper? I know my toddlers would think it was the coolest thing ever! Our toddler currently has a Loomwell bedspread on her bed. Use the code “MCCALL” for a discount on anything from Loomwell. 

See our Melissa & Doug gift guide for all our favorite picks from them. They are so good they deserved their own post! We plan to buy gifts for both our girls from our M&D guide! You can also check out Luna’s Gift Guide for little girl gifts.


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