Gift Guide for Kids – Melissa & Doug Edition

Ice Cream Counter // Snow Cone & Slushie Set // Dust! Sweep! Mop! // Birthday Cake // Cardboard Blocks // Lacing Cards // Stamp Set // Music Kit // Sorting Barn // Pizza Set // Water WOW // Grocery Store // Grocery Cart // Make a Face Stickers // Reusable Sticker Pad // Carnival Candy Set // Popcorn Set // Hand Puppets // Floor Puzzle

We absolutely love Melissa & Doug toys! That’s why they deserved a gift guide all of their own! We would put all of these toys on both Harley’s Gift Guide and Luna’s Gift Guide! Definitely take them into consideration as you are Christmas shopping. They have some amazing deals!

1. Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter: my number one M&D gift idea! We gave it to our girls for Christmas last year and not a day goes by that they don’t play with it.

2. Snow Cone & Slushie Play Food Set: the imagination that comes from making snow cones and slushies all day is so much fun. I know my girls would be obsessed with this!

3. Let’s Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop!: anytime I get out the broom or mop, Harley is there with hers to help me clean. It’s kind of adorable!

4. Wooden Birthday Cake: my girls have this and love serving up birthday cake and singing happy birthday to anyone and everyone they play with. 

5. Lightweight Jumbo Cardboard Building Blocks: these blocks are so dang fun to build with! Let me just say though, they are large and take up room and do not collapse once put together so plan on a larger space to store them. 

6. Alphabet Lacing Cards: another Sunday church bag staple for us. These help with dexterity and hand eye coordination. Both our girls enjoy playing with these.

7. Stamp Set: we love crafting in our house and stamps are some of Harley’s favorite! M&D has quite a few different stamp sets to choose from.

8. Deluxe Band Set: MUSIC! It’s good for the soul! I know I know, noisy toys aren’t always an adult favorite, but giving kids the ability to make music, sing and dance brings so much joy to a house. 

9. Sorting Barn: we’ve been working hard on animal recognition and noises with our almost 2 year old and she loves playing with her barn. 

10. Pizza Party Wooden Play Food Set: add to your kitchen accessories with this pizza set. Who doesn’t love a good pizza?

11. Water WOW!: we keep water wow books in our Sunday church bag and both our 2 and 4 year old love them. They are virtually mess free and bring hours of fun.

12. Grocery Store: we don’t have this but I’m pretty sure my girls would die if they opened it on Christmas. It would go perfectly with their kitchen and all their fun kitchen toys and sets. 

13. Grocery Cart: I mean, if you’re getting the grocery store you’ve gotta get the grocery cart!

14. Make a Face Sticker Pad: we have some of these and again, it’s so much fun to see a toddlers imagination at work as they create different faces and characters.

15. Reusable Sticker Pads: I just bought some of these to add to our Sunday church bag and I know the girls are gonna love them. 

16. Carnival Candy Play Set: I mean come on! Does it get any cuter than this?!

17. Wooden Popcorn Popping: umm yes please, sign me up! I am all about popcorn and a movie and knowing that my girls are pretend playing this brings me all the joy. 

18. Hand Puppets: perfect for a rainy afternoon or your Sunday church bag! Put on a puppet show or convince your kid to eat broccoli with these cute hand puppets. 

19. Floor Puzzle: we have a few of these in our house. It’s fun to lay the puzzle out all over the floor and see a toddlers mind at work as they piece everything together. 


If you’re looking specifically for game ideas for kids, check out our games page for kids!

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