Holiday Gift List for the man in your life (written w/ a husband in mind but most work for brothers/dads/etc.)

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Are the men in your life the most difficult to shop for? I absolutely love giving gifts and find so much joy in doing this but I'll be honest... SHOPPING FOR COLLIN IS HARD!

It's not that he's picky... I mean he's pretty happy with most things. But for some reason it's so difficult for me to shop for him.

So with mine and Collin's ideas mixed with some of yours you shared on Instagram I've compiled this list for you.


I gave Collin a pair of these shorts from Target for his birthday and he's already told me he wants more for Christmas. He lives in them! Believe me, the man in your life wants these shorts. I'm even tempted to buy some for myself.

While you're shopping at Target, do your man a favor and buy him this shirt. I'll be honest, I bought it for myself and told Collin he can have it when I'm no longer pregnant... But he is very anxious for me to give it to him.

While we are talking clothes let me share with you Collin's favorite pair of pants. They are from Buckle and he says he loves them because they are "stretchy" and so comfortable. He owns a few colors and has asked for more for Christmas. He wears the "skinny stretch jean" or "slim fit". The brand is Depart West if you are searching for them for your man.

Gear for their fave team. We are hardcore University of Utah fans so I can get him anything U of U related and we are set. Last year I gave him a Donovan Mitchell jersey for the Utah Jazz and that was a huge hit as well. Choose their favorite team, and buy them something new.


A nice watch gives major bonus points and this is Collin's top pick for this year.

Collin's fave brand of ties is Penguin. They are a little pricey but I usually go to Nordstrom Rack and find some great ones. Their skinny ties are top notch.

While at Nordstrom Rack look for some fun socks. Our fave socks for guys are Stance and sometimes you get lucky finding them at Nordstrom Rack. If not, Stance does some great Black Friday deals usually.


Collin's main two hobbies are soccer & golf so I can usually find something in those categories to give him. Here's some suggestions I've done in the past as well as some I do from year to year. If your man doesn't like golf or soccer, choose his hobby and find something fun for him to use with it.

His favorite golf balls. Collin prefers either Callaway Hex Diablos or Callaway Warbirds so he usually gets a pack of one of those each year for Christmas. Some nice golf balls go a long way for him.

A couple years ago I surprised Collin with a new golf bag. These range from super cheap to super expensive. I probably was in the middle range on this. He loves it and it should last for a few years. I couldn't find the exact one I got him off Amazon but this one is pretty similar.

Another fun gift surrounding golf is a new driver head cover. I gave Collin a yoda one for Christmas one year and everyone loves it that he golfs with. I can't find the link for the one I bought him but this one looks just like it (although I would never spend this much money for it.) I spent maybe $10. So choose something he loves and find a funny driver head cover for him.

Okay and the last golf gift idea and the one Collin wants this year is a Range Finder.

Collin had been wanting a nicer soccer ball for awhile so I finally got him one last Christmas. It will last him for awhile.

Soccer gear: whether it's socks, cleats, shin guards, or whatever, he'll always be happy with some new gear.


Those of you who have followed along with us for awhile know how much we love games. I give Collin at least one game every year for his birthday and Christmas We've created an Amazon Page specifically for our top game picks this year for Christmas. You can also check here on our website with all the other games we recommend. We have two player games, card games, and board games for all group sizes.

Personal Grooming/Hygiene

Cologne is always an easy go to gift for Collin. His top picks for this year are Mont Blanc Legend & Jimmy Choo Man. I've linked them here from Amazon but just an FYI I've never bought cologne off Amazon. I usually go to one of cologne/perfume stores in the mall.

A good razor is always appreciated. Collin recommends this one. It's the newer version of what I gave him last year.


We really enjoy giving each other "experience gifts" such as tickets to a show, tickets to a concert, a splurge date night, gift cards to favorite restaurants, etc. I've linked some of our favorite options below if you live in Utah. These are also great gifts for your parents if you are looking for some help in that area.

Hale Centre Theatre. We go at least once a year to a show at Hale Centre Theatre and we are never disappointed.

Desert Star Playhouse. We love Desert Star for their hilarious spoofs on some of our favorites. We saw Spamilton there and just about died of laughter. If you've never been to the Playhouse, you are missing out and definitely should had it to your list.

Broadway @ The Eccles. Yep, this one is pricey. I would definitely put this in the "splurge" category. If your man loves shows though, this gift would earn you some major brownie points!

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